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The LGFC internship program offers a possible group of outstanding students from different Universities the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to work. It is designed to complement students with oriented studies and practical experience in various aspects. We accept students at different education level most especially at Degree program and to some extent diploma holders.
The LGFC internship program offers eligible students, the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in work and exposure.
LGFC has functional areas related to its mandate which is elaborated under section 9 of the Local Government Finance Commission Act (2003) to provide evidence based advice to Government.
The kinds of assignments given during the Programme vary greatly in terms of content. However, interns are normally involved in some other assignment depending on the supervisor. The attempt is to match the intern with the needs of the organization and University.
Internship assignments vary in length, between two and three months, depending on the availability and academic requirements of the intern, as well as the needs of LGFC.
Assignments are available on a fulltime basis throughout the year in a breakdown of three months (January-March entry and June-August entry).
LGFC does not pay for internships. The costs associated with internship must be borne by the nominating institution; or by the student, who will have to obtain financing for subsistence and make his/her own arrangements for travel, accommodation, among others.
How to apply
Visit our web page for a list of available internship opportunities.
For more details on the internship programme, please visit our website

If l am accepted what kind of work will I be doing?
This will depend on the needs of the office to which you are assigned, qualification and interests. If you have any specific interests or requirements for your education program, you should include this information on the application letter.

How long is the Programme?
For the internship to be worthwhile and effective, the duration is usually between six (6) and sixteen (16) weeks.

Can I get financial support from LGFC?
Internships at LGFC are typically non-remunerative. All successful applicants are expected to make their own arrangements for travel, lodging and living expenses during the internship period.

Do I need to be at the office full time?
While most of our internships are full time, some are not. How long and how often you work in the office depends on the agreement with the supervisor, the project and the office you are assigned to.

When should I apply?
Internship vacancies are advertised all year round on our website. Refer to the details of the specific internship vacancy advertisement for important dates such as the deadline for application and the duration of the internship.

Should I arrange for an interview?
No, if LGFC wants to interview you, either in person or by phone, we will contact you.
Will I be hired by LGFC after my internship?
The LGFC internship Programme is not connected with employment and there should be no expectation of such. Interns cannot apply for posts advertised internally to LGFC staff during the period of their internship. However, LGFC internship is a very positive experience to have on your resume/ CV, and it is looked at positively when the intern applies externally to LGFC posts advertised later in their careers.
Can I volunteer immediately after my internship?
Yes, but after completion of your studies and it is for duration of 6 months. Volunteering also carries no remuneration.
What if my question was not answered in the (FAQS)?
Please make sure you have reviewed this section thoroughly and if you have any queries, please send an email with your question to:

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