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HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

The Commission shall advise the President on all matters concerning the distribution of revenue between the Government and Local Governments and the allocation to each Local Government of money out of the Consolidated Fund. 

The Commission shall consider and recommend to the President potential sources of revenue for Local Governments.

Tom Matte - Chairperson

Mr. Tom Matte represents Central Government. He is the Chairperson of the Local Government Finance Commission (2013 – 2016). Prior to his appointment, he served as Public Administrator in various districts and Ministries rising to the rank of Director in the Ministry for Local Governments at which he retired.

Ms. Sarah Nambasa Mukasa - Vice Chairperson

Ms. Sarah Nambasa Mukasa represents Central Government.She is the Vice Chairperson and is serving a second and last term having been first elected Vice Chairperson during her first term in October 2008. She was re-elected in 2013. Ms. Mukasa is a distinguished professional Accountant with vast experience having previously worked in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and Uganda Revenue Authority in various capacities. Her first term ended in October 2012.

Mr. Adrian Kyamugina - Member

Mr. Adrian Kyamugina represents Central Government and is serving a second and last term. He is an experienced tax administration specialist with a long track history of service in the East African Community, Ministry of Finance and Uganda Revenue Authority where he rose to the rank of Deputy Commissioner Customs, Finance and Administration, Commissioner Internal Audit and Tax Investigation until 2005 when he retired. He is now a tax consultant, a Chairperson of Finance and Strategic Planning Committee, Kampala International University Council and Vice- Chairperson, Kampala International University Teaching Hospital. Mr. Kyamugina is the Chairperson, the Finance and Administration Committee.

Mr. Charles Katarikawe

Mr. Charles Katarikawe Represents Urban Authorities and is serving his first term. He has a very long experience in urban administration having served as Town Clerk in various town councils and municipalities of Uganda. He was a consultant to Namibia on decentralized governance. He retired from the Ministry of Local Government at a rank of Commissioner urban administration.

Hon. Miligan Rose Lochiam

Hon. Miligan Rose Lochiam represents District Local Governments on the Commission and is serving her first term. She has a lot of Experience in Public Affairs Management having been a Member of Parliament for Moroto prior to her appointment to the Commission.

Hon. Captain John Emily Otekat

Hon. Capt John Emily Otekat represents Ditrict Local Governments  and is serving his first term. He has vast experience in public Affairs and Local governance. He was chairperson of Soroti District and President of Uganda Local Governments Association (ULGA). He represented Soroti in Parliament. He is also a member of the Uganda Wild Life Authority.

Mr. Sam Ogenrwoth

Mr. Sam Ogenrwoth represents District Local Governments on the Commission and is serving his first term. He has a wealth of experience in public management and Administration and he is a former Chief Administration Officer (CAO), Arua District.

Annual Report 2014-2015